Understanding Condominium Maintenance Fees

Many condo buyers are worried about how condo fees might affect their investment - and their future. Condo fees are rising steadily - the average rate in the GTA is almost 60 cents per square foot. They can be as high as double the average - twice what they were over a decade ago. What’s contributing to your condo fees - and how much should you really be paying? […]

4 Documents Your Realtor Might Ask You to Sign

Your relationship with your realtor should be easy - they represent you and your interests, plain and simple. But in reality, paperwork and contracts can make the details of your relationship complicated. Sometimes, it’s not even clear exactly what you’re agreeing to when you sign. […]

Six Questions on the Future of Everything in 2016

We asked Mark Amador six tough questions on all things 2016: from superhero movies (“Who’s Deadpool?”) and real estate trends to an American’s opinion on Canadian politics, here are his expectations and speculations on the future of everything in 2016. […]

Understanding Condominium Governance

This year, the provincial government proposed Bill 106, The Protecting Condominium Owners Act. The 160-page bill is a series of sweeping changes to amend Ontario’s dated Condominium Act and act as a stand-alone law to regulate condo governance. Here, we outline how condominium corporations are currently organized and managed by Ontario law - as well as how Bill 106 might change these regulations. […]

The Plain Language Guide to Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance is usually required by a lender (banks, credit unions) when a home buyer puts down less than a certain percentage of down payment on a property. Mortgage insurance protects banks, allowing them to give mortgages to higher-risk borrowers, but it can also help buyers to save time and money with smart financial planning. […]

What Does a Million Dollar Home Look Like in Toronto?

In June 2015, the average sale price of a house in Toronto surpassed $1 million. While this may have been great news for homeowners - and real estate investors - buyers looking for mid-priced homes might be surprised at what a $1 million house looks like. […]

5 Ways the Liberal Majority Might Affect the Housing Market

The Liberal’s campaign promises include incentivizing new home buyers, rental developers, and green initiatives, as well as investigating some of Canada’s hottest housing markets for pricing disparities. Their plan will be more clearly outlined when the 2016-2017 federal budget is released next spring, but until then, how can we expect these proposed changes to affect the housing market? […]

Five Questions To Ask Your Realtor Before They Sell Your Home

Finding the right realtor is the first and most important step of selling your home. With over thirty thousand licensed realtors in Toronto, choosing the right one should be based on more than just a gut feeling. By asking the right questions, you can ensure your realtor will be committed to your needs before you hire them. […]

5 Signs It's Time To Sell Your House

Deciding when the time is right to sell your home is not always easy or straightforward. It may be something you have been contemplating for some time but are not sure if it is the right decision. If this is you, keep reading to learn 5 telltale signs that it is time for you to sell your home. […]

Top 4 Offer Clauses Every Buyer Should Know

Once you have selected the perfect home and decide to make an offer to buy it, your Real Estate representative will draft a contract called an Agreement of Purchase and Sale. This document includes vital information about the contract you are about to enter into with the Seller, such as the purchase price, date of closing, and deposit amount. In addition to these details, your Real Estate professional will also include certain clauses that are designed to protect you, the buyer, in various ways. The following are the top 4 clauses that you should know and understand when you are offering to purchase a home. […]

6 Reasons Why You Need a Realtor

When it comes to selling a home, many people wonder if it might be cheaper for them to skip hiring a realtor and just do it themselves. Although this may seem like a viable option to save a bit of money, it turns out that in the end you will actually end up losing money. In addition, the added time and stress that selling yourself will likely entail makes hiring an agent seem like a much better option. Here are some of the main reasons why: […]

6 Ways to Increase Your Home's Value

Thinking about selling your home in the near future? Want to get the most money you can? Make sure you read the top 6 ways that you can increase your home’s value without breaking the bank. These simple steps can help to ensure that you get the most money possible for your home. […]

6 Tips To Selecting The Perfect Neighbourhood

Location, location, location! When buying a new home, selecting a great neighbourhood is just as important as finding the perfect house. But if you are considering areas that you aren’t familiar with, how do you go about finding the perfect neighbourhood? The following 6 tips will help you learn more about new neighbourhoods and aid you in finding a perfect match for you and your family. […]

5 Ways To Green Your Home

A current trend in society today is thinking green, which essentially means making homes, businesses, and even cars more energy efficient in order to reduce the amount of energy being utilized. This environmentally conscious way of thinking has several benefits. Firstly, it is better for the planet, as reducing emissions and energy usage results in less toxins being released. Secondly, transitioning to greener alternatives often results in saving you money. Homeowners today are increasingly looking for greener options for their home. With technology quickly advancing there are some great new gadgets that can help your family save energy. The following is a list of 5 ways that you can make your home more energy efficient, helping the environment and saving you money at the same time. […]

Investing in Residential Real Estate: A Step-by-Step Guide

Residential Real Estate can certainly be considered one of the best and most lucrative investments you can make if you know what you are doing. Simply purchasing any property does not guarantee that you will rake in a profit. Knowing the type of property you should buy, the location in which to buy it, as well as some other very important considerations will determine how profitable your investment will be. By following these five simple steps, you can ensure that you make the best investment decision possible. […]

집을 살 때 저지르는 6가지 실수와 그것들을 피하는 법

인생에서 다른 큰 결정들과 마찬가지로 집을 사는 것은 감정을 자극하는 대단한 경험이다. 그러나 감정에 너무 심취하면 많은 비용을 들이는 실수를 저지를 수 있다. 중개인과 같이 객관적인 관점을 가지면 집을 사는 동안 행복함을 느끼면서도 실수를 예방할 수 있다. 덧붙여서 집을 살 때 흔히 저지를 수 있는 실수를 알고 있으면 후회를 줄일 수 있으며 최고의 결정을 보장 받을 수 있다. […]

Income Properties vs Investments for Living

Investing in Real Estate can be extremely lucrative if you know what you are doing. Finding the perfect location to purchase is your first step. But beyond location, the type of property you decide to purchase and your reason for buying are two very important considerations as well. Whether you are buying a home to live in yourself or a property to rent out will determine the type of Real Estate you should be investing in. See “Top 4 Housing Types and Their Investment Value” […]

Buying vs Leasing - Top 7 Points to Consider

To buy or not to buy? That is the question. Whether you decide to lease or purchase a home depends on several things. Check out the following benefits and drawbacks for both leasing and purchasing in order to ensure that you make the best decision for you and your family. […]

Top 5 Investment Areas in Toronto

Home to some of the most diverse and unique neighbourhoods in Canada, Toronto is an excellent place for any investor to make a profit. Home prices in Toronto have steadily risen over the years and are projected to continue to do so in the years to come. With a growing population and an active economy, Toronto is likely to remain one of the best Canadian cities to invest in. And within the city, there are specific pockets where investors are sure to get the most bang for their buck. Check out the top 5 neighbourhoods in Toronto to invest in. […]

Top 5 Family Friendly Neighbourhoods in Toronto

With a city as large and diverse as Toronto, finding the perfect neighbourhood for you and your family isn’t always easy. There are many great communities in Toronto that boast excellent schools, community centres, parks, well-rounded amenities, and lower crime rates. Taking all of these criteria into consideration, the following is a list of the top 5 neighbourhoods in Toronto that are highly-sought by growing families. […]

Top 8 Myths Every Landlord and Tenant Should Know

According to Stats Canada, over 4 million Canadians live in a home that is rented. This translates to a lot of people who fall into either the landlord or tenant categories. Over the years, rules and guidelines have emerged with regards to renting that have become almost common knowledge. What most people don’t realize is that many of these “renting rules” or practices are not legal or enforceable. Check out the top 8 renting myths that every landlord and tenant should know about. […]

Top 6 Ways to get a Perfect Tenant

Whether purchasing a home or condo to lease or simply renting out your basement, the primary goal of all landlords is to get great tenants. Finding the right individuals to live in your home can sometimes be tricky, but by getting the right information about prospective tenants you can increase your odds of getting A+ tenants. Check out the following 6 ways to help you select the best possible tenants for your property. […]

4가지 집 유형과 각각의 투자가치

집을 사는 것은 벅차기도 하지만 큰 보상과 보람이 있고 미래에 대한 투자이다. 집을 살 때 중요하게 고려해야 하는 위치, 가격과 마찬가지로 집의 유형을 결정하는 것도 매우 중요하다. 소유형태가 다를 뿐 아니라 집의 유형도 다르다. 각각의 장단점을 알면 지금 단계에서 어떤 선택을 하는 것이 가장 좋은지 결정하는데 도움을 준다. 여러 옵션을 좁혀 목적을 명확히 하면 집을 사는데 걸리는 시간도 줄이고 스트레스를 덜어줄 것이다. […]

돈 버는 5가지 리노베이션 방법

최근 흥미로운 리노베이션 TV쇼 덕분에 많은 사람들이 리노베이션을 고려해 보는 것 같다. 리노베이션을 하면서 생기는 이점은 스스로 재미를 느낄 수도 있고 다른 집과 차별을 만든다는 것인데 궁극적으로 집의 가치를 올린다는 데에 있겠다. 그렇지만 모든 리노베이션이 집의 가치를 올리는 것은 아니다. 가령, skylight 이나 수영장을 잘못 만들면 집의 가치를 떨어뜨릴 수도 있다. 여기서는 리노베이션을 시작하기 전에 집의 가치를 올려줄 수 있는 5가지를 살펴보자. […]

경제적 부담 없이 집을 꾸미는 8가지 방법

집을 잘 팔기 위해 집을 꾸미는 일은 때론 벅차게 느껴질 수 있고 예산을 벗어나는 경우가 종종 있다. 반가운 소식은 집을 꾸미기 위해 항상 거금을 들여 전문가를 고용할 필요는 없다는 것이다. 여기 당신의 집을 잠재구매자에게 빛나고 매력적으로 보이게 하는 8가지 경제적인 방법을 소개한다. […]

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a home in the Winter

When thinking about buying a new home, most people immediately think they should wait for the nice weather before they start looking. Spring is the busiest season in real estate and many buyers think that it’s in their better interest to wait for the market to heat up before heading out to view some homes. Although the warmer months do generally see more action in the real estate market, there are many great advantages to buying in the off season that could end up leading you to your dream house and saving you a lot of money in the process. […]

Top 5 Renos to Avoid

Renovations can be a great way to improve the value of your home and make it really stand out to potential buyers. But not all renovations will have this effect. Some may actually decrease value, making your home more difficult to sell. So before you start planning costly upgrades, read through this list of the top 5 reno’s to avoid to save yourself both time and money! […]

Top 6 Mistakes Homebuyers Make and How to Avoid Them

Like many other life decisions, buying a home can be emotional. However, letting your emotions get the best of you can often lead to some costly mistakes when purchasing a home. Having an objective view, such as one provided by a realtor, can be very helpful during the buying process. In addition, knowing the common pitfalls made by buyers will reduce your risk of buyers’ remorse and guarantee that you make the best decision possible when purchasing a new home. […]

Top 4 Housing Types and their Investment Value

Buying a home is a huge, but very rewarding, investment into your future. Amongst the major decisions you need to make when buying a home, such as the location and price range, is the type of home you are looking to purchase. There are different types of homes, as well as different types of ownership, that are available to you. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type will help you determine which option is best for you at this stage in your life. Narrowing down your options will make your home-buying experience targeted, which saves you time and makes the process much more enjoyable and stress-free. […]

Top 6 Winter Activities In and Around Toronto

Once again winter is upon us, but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. A bustling city like Toronto offers plenty of entertaining and recreational activities to keep you and your family active until the spring. Check out the top 6 winter activities in and around Toronto that will be sure to brighten up your winter. […]

8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Stage Your Home

Preparing your home for the market can feel like a daunting task and sometimes staging just isn’t in the budget. The good news is you don’t need to pay a fortune for a professional stager to get your home to stand out to potential buyers. Check out these 8 easy and cost-effective ways that you can make your home shine and appear more attractive to prospective buyers! […]

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy A Pre-construction Condo

You need only look at the Toronto skyline to recognize the incredible boom that has been occurring in the construction of new condominiums. Everywhere you look, new projects are emerging and buildings are popping up right before our eyes. With this recent growth in the condo market, many buyers have been drawn to purchasing pre-construction condos, either as an investment or to live in themselves. Buying a condo before it has been built certainly carries many advantages, such as getting a great price and having the freedom to select your own finishes; however, there are still some important points to take into consideration to ensure that your investment will bring you the most value. To guarantee that you make the best investment possible, read on to learn the top 10 things you need to know when investing in pre-construction condos. […]

First-Time Buyer? 7 Steps to Get You in Your Dream Home

Buying a home is one of the largest and most rewarding purchases you are likely to make in your lifetime. A good realtor will walk you through the necessary steps; however, it is important to be informed and understand the process yourself. From securing a mortgage to understanding your closing costs, the following 7 steps will take you through the process of purchasing a new home. You will learn how the bank pre-qualifies you for a mortgage, how much money you will need at each step of your purchase, and different ways that you can save money along the way. […]

Top 5 Renos That Make Cents and Dollars

With all the recent hype over renovation TV shows these days, it seems as though everybody is either in the process of renovating or seriously contemplating it. What most people don’t realize is that not all renovations will add value to their home. In fact, some renovations, such as the addition of a skylight or pool, could potentially cause a decrease in home value. So before you dig out the tools or call up the contractor, have a look at the top 5 renovations that are sure to add the most value to your home! […]

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